fabrizio micciche

I am Italian and have been living in The Netherlands already for a while. I started to dance about 15 years ago just for fun and without knowing that I actually had rhythm. So there is hope for everyone and maybe you have a talent you are not aware of.
It did not take long for salsa to fill my life with joy, lots of wonderful people and music. It is thanks to salsa that I met my wife Beamiris. I have been teaching for more than 10 years. I started to dance and teach LA and NY style salsa for than switching completing to Cuban salsa for more than 7 years. I gave lessons in many locations around The Netherlands till I moved to Breda about 6 years where Bailalma was founded. I am also regularly invited as teacher across Europe at in various International Cuban salsa festival and bootcamps. I am looking forward to meeting and dancing with you at Bailalma.